A Vodka Movie by Zach Galifianakis, Tim and Eric

19 11 2010

Food: SocialCulinaire.com

15 11 2010


From the creator who is a friend of mine and Chef to many Hollywood A-listers: “As a Chef for over 15 years I have always found myself searching for celebrated restaurants, fresh trends, vanguard chefs, saporous wines and people who are like minded. This is a place where all ilks of food culture can banter, bluster, tantalize, swagger, brag, pontificate and partake on all things that can be drank, chewed, sucked, nibbled, crunched and consumed. Post a job, find a job, let us see your latest culinary creation, write a blog, share a recipe, discover a restaurant, recommend a wine, tell us about an event. We are hardcore industry pros that welcome tenderfoots.”

Jeffrey M. Nimer


12 11 2010

Premiere is Hollywood’s newest A+ venue which is a 5,000 square-foot nightclub that will transform seasonally to elicit the ultimate party experience.  Currently it’s set to mimic a mid-century Spanish theater and is a favorite of many Hollywood celebs. If you get the munchies after a few drinks, no need to go anywhere as they have a full kitchen that will bring gourmet food right to your table. This is one of the hottest places in town today and will be for a long time to come. Tables sell out fast and entry is nearly impossible so call me to get you the royal treatment.

1710 N Las Palmas Ave Hollywood, CA 90028 | 323.978.0730 | premieresupperclub.com

Events: American Film Market

11 11 2010

The business of independent motion picture production and distribution reaches its peak every year at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. Over 8,000 industry leaders come from over 70 countries to converge for eight days of deal-making, screenings, seminars, networking and parties. Nearly all hotel rooms at the beach are sold out and if you feel like networking or meeting new people try grabbing a drink at any of the these hotel bars.


Nov 3-10

Video: Chile Miners Rescue

10 11 2010

I know this happened in October, while I was in Bali, but still a great moment to watch.  This is what happens when everyone works together as a team. Real results.

Business: Pirate Jimbo Inc.

9 11 2010

Per Gretchen Meier of the L.A. Times: PirateJimbo.com is a social trading and network platform based on location. Users are able to post a product or service and are encouraged to trade for something of a similar value.  Virginia Kuhn, associate director for the Institute of Multimedia Literacy at USC, “Just as Craigslist and eBay empowered users to eschew more corporate entities to get the things they need, PirateJimbo seems poised to do the same,” Kuhn said. “And I think many ecology-minded people see bartering and trading and recycling goods and services as the only responsible way to conduct life in the 21st century.”
Pirate Jimbo Inc.
David Aghazadeh

Fashion Week

8 11 2010

Although New York city is known as America’s fashion capital, Los Angeles also has its own fashion industry.  As New York has fashion week in September, Los Angeles presents its best in October.  Many young and upcoming designers show at Los Angeles Fashion week.  Fashion week ran from October 11- 24, 2010.  If you got an invitation to a show, I am sure that you had fun.  Pavonine had its event at Mondrian Sky bar.  They had a great dj, fabulous setting overlooking the twinkling lights of Los Angeles, amazon models and great Vodka  drinks. Let us know if you attened a show and comment on how it went.